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Service & Storage

In our professional ski service your skis are in good hands! At Sport Hauser Kaibling your equipment will be perfectly prepared and be as good as new - at an unbeatable price!


New: Storage for skis, boards and boots
Our storage offers 400 spaces for adult skis and 150 kids skis, 160 for boots and 50 for boards. Your heavy equipment can be left directly at the valley station of the Hauser Kaibling. Heavy carrying is now a story of the past!


Enjoy this great service starting at 1 euro per day and save heavy carrying of skis, snowboards and boots.

ski & snowboard storage:
per day 2 euro / 7 days 6 euro

Ski boot storage (heated):
per day 2 euro / 7 days 12 euro


Your advantages

Better gliding diagnosis: a ski with a damaged and scratched base does not glide well. A damaged base affects also the turning capability of your skis.

No matter if your skis have scratches on the base, damaged edges or incorrect edge angles our professional service team wiil take care of it!


Gliding better
Diagnosis: A ski with damaged and scratched base does not glide properly. A damaged base also affects the turning capability and stability of your skis. Rough and uneven bases are slow. An uneven base causes irregular distribution of pressure and produces bad gliding and difficult turning.


Solution: A well prepared ski is repaired with P-TEX wire. At the end of the service the base must be fibre free, flat and have a fine structure. Waxing the skis regularly protects them against oxidation through UV-rays. An even ski from edge to edge means good gliding and efficient turning.

Turning better

Diagnosis: A ski with a concave or a hollow base from edge to edge produces uncontrollable edge grip and difficult gliding. Bumpy or convex bases need an extreme angle for edge grip and are not stable at higher speed.


Solution: Plane bases make the edge grip much easier and help controlled turning. An important requirement for good carving is a slightly hanging edge (angle approx. 0,5°). This ski will turn easier and have a quick edge grip.

Better edge grip
Diagnosis: Different edge angles, rust, damages and wear produce an uncontrolled edge grip.


Solution: The edge geometry must be tuned in accordance to the snow conditions and to the technique of the skier. With an edge angle which is less than 90° you have a better edge grip, especially for racing, aggressive skiing, for great carving turns and on icy slopes.

Your win!
The edges are again like new, the ski turns better and you can enjoy better and safer skiing.

The best machines

  • edge sharpening of every ski model like carving skis, short skis, LL-ski or fat skis
  • high-tech ceramic belts for side edges
  • new high-tech tuning (HTT) produces a smooth edge with lightly hanging angle on the base side for efficient gliding and turning
  • automatic waxing, drying, tempering
  • and much more...



Get the complete service for an absolute top price, This service will make also old skis shine like new!


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